What is GridLAN?


We at GridLAN are dedicated to bringing together the communities of tech enthusiasts, gamers, and DIYers. Whether you’re new or a seasoned pro! Together we can create one great movement inclusive to all levels of skill in PC Modification, DIY Crafting and Gaming. Our goal is to keep you  informed with all that we do in the tech and DIY world, weather that’s the newest Graphics card or a new painting modding technique, we are eager to share as much as we can with our fans and followers. We have always had a passion for all things Tech. Just as our target audience we are a diverse group folks who have meddled in almost everything ranging from PC Component research, modding, prop crafting, audio equipment and server components and administration. But these aren’t the only things that define us. Join us and learn more about us as we learn about ourselves. Most of all as we learn about all of you! We Fight for the Users!